Jarrah Honey information


Jarrah Honey benefits:
  • suitable for diabetes; low level of glucose and high in fructose. (ask your doctor first)
  • helps in healing wounds and burns.(sun burns too)
  • helps with stomach issues, like the stomach bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.
  • has the ability to treat all kinds of skin infections, as well as having antifungal properties.
  • perfect for a sore throat.
  • very good in hydrating the skin 
  • stimulates the skin cells regeneration process, promotes collagen production and fights acne.
  • strength the immune system.
  • protects from cancers.
  • contains important minerals, vitamins and enzymes for the body.

The Jarrah tree is a magnificent tall timbertree

Jarrah tree can grow up to 40 metres in height. It is a slow growing Eucalyptus tree that can live up to 1000 years.

 Blooms every two years

Jarrah Honey produced from the Jarrah forest every second year if temperatures exceed 25 ̊C and adequate rainfall. Which make the honey very rare to find.

Jarrah honey color and taste

 Its medium to semi dark amber colouring, has a rich and full-bodied flavour, smooth and delicate , thick and tasty honey with a caramel aftertaste. It is not as sweet as other honeys due to its low glucose and high fructose levels. For this reason, pure Jarrah honey will not candy.




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