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Jarrah Honey TA35+

300 AED

Jarrah Honey is the best in the world which comes from Western Australia only.

Better than Manuka Honey because of it’s active component which is the Hydrogen Peroxide that has double the antimicrobial features of Manuka Honey while maintaining the sweetness.


-It has unique taste which is rich in flavor and not too sweet, Many people said it tastes like caramel.


weights: 500 g

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A Western Australian product, Jarrah honey is a monofloral honey that comes from the Jarrah tree with the botanical name of Eucalyptus Marginata.

Western Australia is known to be among the last disease and pest free areas of the world due to the fact that it applies strict and rigorous laws to protect its environment as well as strictly quarantining any suspicious interstate or overseas products. Thus Australian honey is famous for being free of any chemicals or antibiotic residues.

Jarrah Honey benefits:

  • suitable for diabetes. (ask your doctor first)
  • helps in healing wounds and burns.(sun burns too)
  • helps with stomach issues, like the stomach bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.
  • has the ability to treat all kinds of skin infections, as well as having antifungal properties.
  • perfect for a sore throat.
  • very good in hydrating the skin
  • strenghth the immune system.


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Weight 3 kg
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